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NASA's rover discovered an alien portal on Mars?

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NASA's Curiosity Mars rover appears to have discovered a neatly carved out gateway on Mars. The fascinating feature was discovered in one of the rover's photographs. It appears to have fueled speculation that it was constructed by aliens. This has also been interpreted as proof of alien life on Mars. The entryway, which is hidden in the Martian landscape's rocks, gives the impression of a Martian hideaway or a portal to another Universe. As it is only supposition, it might be anything.

Several conspiracy theories regarding the strange doorway have surfaced on the internet, but are they true?

For many, it's simply a rock fracture or the result of some form of strain. It's possible, given that the globe has been hit by multiple earthquakes recently. The greatest earthquake of the month occurred on May 4.

Researchers are also trying to figure out what it is and how it came into being.

The image was taken by the rover's Mast Camera near a geological formation known as Greenheugh Pediment, NASA said.

The door-like rock feature appears to be quite large, although it could just be a few millimetres or inches tall. As a result, more research is required before any conclusions can be reached.

See the image on NASA's website

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